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Enjoy your new ceramic & porcelain floors

Ceramic & porcelain tiles make exceptional flooring in more spaces than you might expect, offering great looks and plenty of benefits. In addition to lending elegance and sophistication to your home, these pieces can also be used to make an artistic statement. At the same time, you can expect hard-wearing durability and a life span that averages 50 years with proper care and maintenance. This lifespan is due, in part, to the amazing ability of these materials to resist stains, scratches, scuffs, and water damage. It hampers mildew and mold growth, as well, for cleaner looking floors.

At Nic-Lor Floors, we offer an excellent selection of materials, competitively priced for the benefit of all our customers. In addition to floor coverings you’ll fall in love with, we also offer an array of flooring services, customized to meet your specific needs. From design consultation and installation to cleaning, maintenance, and repair, we are truly a one-stop shop in flooring, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time searching for exactly what you need. From our Chantilly, VA showroom location, we serve the communities of North Virginia and Washington DC and we’d love the opportunity to serve you as well. Visit us when you’re in the area and we’ll help you get your project started right away.
Ceramic tile flooring in Washington, D.C. from Nic-Lor Floors

Getting the best out of ceramic & porcelain

Making the flooring switch to ceramic & porcelain can seem a bit daunting at first. Many homeowners see the materials as a bathroom-specific flooring and are often taken aback that it can be used everywhere else as well. Bathrooms are, after all, and excellent placement for these materials, as they are highly water resistant. They can even be installed inside the shower, with a proper slip-resistant coating.

The truth is, however, they make an excellent floor covering for every area of your home. In the living room, especially with decorative options or mosaics, they can help create an amazing and unique look as well as a conversation starter for get-togethers. In bedrooms, since there are absolutely no cracks or crevices for allergens to hide in; you’ll experience a much cleaner breathing environment and fewer allergies. In kids’ rooms and playrooms, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that when spills happen, and they will, you’ll be protected against permanent stains.

Ceramic & porcelain are very dense and hard and as such, we advise a professional installation. Your flooring specialist can give you all the details when you visit our showroom.

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